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Glossy hardwood floor or not glossy?

Choosing the gloss level or sheen of your hardwood floors is mainly depends on your personal taste. There are usually 4 levels of sheen when we talk about hardwood floors. Hi Gloss or gloss will produce the most shine and light reflection. In comparison semi-gloss will have moderate shine and reflection of light. Satin finishes will give very low amount of shine and light reflection. The other end of gloss level would be matte finish. It would have the lowest amount of shine on hardwood floors. It would almost look like there are no finishes on the stain. A general rule is the less the shine the less you will notice light scuffs, scratches, and imperfections on hardwood floors. If you have light amount of traffic, and no pets you can choose glossy floors if you like them.

Herringbone hardwood floor installation

Do I replace my existing wood floor or just refinish them?

Sometimes it make sense to remove existing floors. Especially if the area that it covers is small or it’s out of style. This way you don’t need to hold your flooring selection to revolve around that small area, you can choose any style or color.

If the type of existing floor is engineered type of wood and it’s worn, they usually can’t be saved. Most engineered hardwood floors are not made for sanding and refinishing. You only have a thin film of actual wood over plywood backing. That film will be removed if touch with a sanding machine.

Options are different with solid wood floors. This type of hardwood floor can be sanded and refinished. This process will have few stages of sanding, staining, and adding new finish coatings. You can choose new stain and different sheen and type of finish. Don’t think about replacing you flooring as first option If you have a solid hardwood flooring and it’s worn. Refinishing process will literally will make it look as brand new flooring.

Flooring project, do it yourself or turnkey project?

To be able to answer this question you’ll need to evaluate few different aspects. Main 2 items would be your physical ability to install a floor as it’s going to need some muscle work, and time. Depending on the type of floor you plan to install and size of the project, it may need only minor physical engagement, for example installing LVT on a small bathroom, or some major work say removing existing hardwood floor and installing a new hardwood floor, you may decide to do it yourself or hire a contractor. Time plays and important roll as well.Installing nail down solid hardwood floor Installing luxury vinyl plank on a small bathroom may not need lots of time, but what about whole floor on upstairs or demolish and

Install new tile in shower? There are many cases that usually the wife calls us and want us to finish a job that hubby started 3 months ago as a simple quick DIY project! and she’s really tired of the mess by unfinished job.

Apart from physical requirement and time there are other factors that are also important. Do you have the required tools? Dose it justify the saving by the time you spend money to buy tools or rent tools. Are you handy and do you have the experience? There are great videos and instructions all over internet which will show the whole process of installing floors or any other type of project. However you need to remember those videos are showing the whole thing ending in 5 minutes or so but in reality you will still need to spend time.

Luxury vinyl flooring?

If you have been looking to do some flooring work recently either replacing floor or adding new ones, you most probably have heard about luxury vinyl tile or luxury vinyl plank. Most people judging by the name remember the old sheet vinyl coverings in most older kitchen floors. But this isn’t! These are new generation of vinyl floors which are both good looking and practical. This are vinyl or PVC based thick planks that are waterproof. As such they would be a very good choice for using in basements or bathrooms. Many customers install them as their main floor and it looks very nice. Mostly time they are made to be installed as floating floors which makes them DIY friendly. Padding is generally pre-attached but you can also roll it separately if needed. Next time you’re in the market for flooring don’t forget to check LVP floors, you will be amazed on how nice they look!

Luxury vinyl plank installation for basement

What type of flooring is good for bathroom floor?

The main type of flooring which is mostly used on bathroom floor is ceramic or porcelain tile. However depending on location you can use some other types of floors. If there are lots of water exposure for example a floor next to a shower, or next to tub which is used a lot,, tile should be still the appropriate floor. But if there are not much water exposure say a powder room for instance, you can use tile, hardwood, laminate. These days luxury vinyl tile and planks - LVT, LVP- are also getting very popular in wet area applications.

Tile installation in brick pattern