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Is Luxury Vinyl Plank - good option for main floor installation?

With increasing popularity of LVP or LVT floors we are asked a lot about whether it’s a good option for main level of the house. Our answer is if you’re looking for appreciated value in longer term or practicality of the floor. Or how long they plan to stay in that house; if it’s a rental property or main residence. Luxury vinyl floors are durable and generally waterproof floors. They do not scratch easy and are installed floating method. Prices are fairly lower that wood floors.

Considering these benefits luxury vinyl floors can be a very practical and affordable flooring option

for the floor, particularly for a rental property floor. If you are looking to sell the house. If you plan to sell your house, however, you might want to look into hardwood flooring type of material. They would have more value added to the sale of house. Check Roswell Flooring Services

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Solid hardwood floor vs engineered floor

If you have ever been in the market to choose or buy a new flooring for your house you have most probably heard the terms “solid hardwood and engineered floor”. You might have wondered

what is the difference or which is a better choice for your flooring project.

The names are descriptive of the main difference between two. Solid wood is an all solid board milled from different species of trees, oak, cherry, maple, etc. No other processes - except for adjusting moisture content and cutting-has been performed to make this floor. As a result this type of floor is sandable.
Engineered wood on the other hand is not one piece of wood made from certain wood. It’s mostly several plies of wood, 3, 5, 7 or more of backing-mostly made from poplar wood- and then the actual wood as a film on top. This top veneer is what makes the distinction between various engineered wood, like oak, maple, walnut, cherry, etc. Also this top veneer can come in difference thicknesses. Most of the times you can not sand an engineered floor since you only have a thin film or veneer to sand. But there are also some small fraction of this type of flooring with thicker veneer that will give the possibility of one time or maybe 2 time sanding.

Main application of solid wood flooring is stapling or nailing over a plywood subfloor. It’s not always possibly to use this type of floor over concrete. To do that there may be need for installation of plywood over concrete on use of specialized glue which prevents concrete moisture affecting solid wood floor. Engineered wood flooring can be installed over most any subfloor, however, it is ideal for over concrete installation as the normal moisture emission won’t affect it.

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What type of floor should I choose for basement?

This is a common question our customers ask all the time, “

What type of flooring do you recommend to install in our basement floor?

” In order to find an appropriate flooring product for basements we must remember that almost oil basement are have slab subfloor. In many cases the are considered under level - meaning below ground level- or on level. This is important when you want to decide on what to install as a basement flooring. King of floors for basement is considered to be tile as it’s waterproof floor and it won’t be destroyed by possible water exposure or flooding. It’s still true. If you want a permanent floor that won’t be destroyed by flooding you might want to look at tile floors especially porcelain tiles.

But there are other types of floors that will be perfectly fine for this type of location use. In general except to solid wood flooring, there is no limitation to other types of floor products that you can use in basement floor. Laminate and carpet floors are popular floors. Luxury vinyl planks getting more attention these days. They look good, they are more affordable and more importantly there are also considered waterproof. They are usually harder than engineered wood floors and water spills or mopping won’t affect them.
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Oil based finish or water based finish, which is better for hardwood floor?

It’s been long debated between floor pros and home owners as to either apply oild based or water based finish over hardwood floor. Each side has it’s own fans. In general as long as you use finishes made by trustable manufacturers both types will do a very good job of protecting your wood floors. There are some main key distinction between two.
Water based finishes dry faster. You can usually apply 2 coats of water based finish in one day. In most cases customer can lightly walk on the floor after 3-4 hours. Oil finishes will take longer to dry, minimum 18 hours. Drying time of course will be also affected by humidity and temperature. So with water based finishes you’ll have faster turn over of job and return to normal living! Another main difference is the amount of smell. Waterbased finishes have less odor. This may be especially important for people with sensitive sense of smell. Oil based finishes have more strong smell more in line with oil based painting. The odor will dicipate in few days though. Oil based finishes will become yellower when they age, this happens after 4-5 years. The water based ones won’t do that.

Glossy hardwood floor or not glossy?

Choosing the gloss level or sheen of your hardwood floors is mainly depends on your personal taste. There are usually 4 levels of sheen when we talk about hardwood floors. Hi Gloss or gloss will produce the most shine and light reflection. In comparison semi-gloss will have moderate shine and reflection of light. Satin finishes will give very low amount of shine and light reflection. The other end of gloss level would be matte finish. It would have the lowest amount of shine on hardwood floors. It would almost look like there are no finishes on the stain. A general rule is the less the shine the less you will notice light scuffs, scratches, and imperfections on hardwood floors. If you have light amount of traffic, and no pets you can choose glossy floors if you like them.

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